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AI 360

AI 360: Transforming Your Business with Artificial Intelligence

Does your organization have an AI Adoption Strategy ?


At Ai Applied, we understand the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence. Our AI 360 service is designed to guide organizations through every step of their AI journey, from initial strategy development to long-term value realization.


Our AI 360 service comprises of the following 5 steps –


1. Strategy Development


Begin your AI journey with a solid foundation. We understand that a good AI strategy is actually underpinned by solid data and cloud strategies. Many organizations embark on the AI journey without first looking at their Data and Cloud strategies. We work with you to develop a comprehensive AI strategy, assessing your current capabilities and defining clear goals. Our experts help identify the most valuable AI opportunities for your business, ensuring alignment with your overall objectives.


2. Use Case Identification


Turning potential into action. In this phase, we identify specific AI use cases that can drive significant value for your organization. By analyzing your unique challenges and opportunities, we recommend practical applications of AI that can transform operations, enhance customer experience, or boost efficiency.


3. Proof of Value (PoV)


Seeing is believing. Our team develops a working example to demonstrate the real-world value of AI solutions. This phase is crucial for validating the feasibility of the AI use cases and gaining stakeholder buy-in by showcasing tangible benefits.


4. Implementation Roadmap


Blueprint for success. Leveraging insights from the PoC, we create a detailed implementation roadmap. This includes plans for technology modernization, talent acquisition and development, governance structures, and responsible AI practices. Our roadmap ensures a smooth transition from theory to practice, minimizing risks and maximizing benefits.


5. Long-Term Value Realization


Sustaining growth with AI. The final phase focuses on embedding AI into the fabric of your business. We assist in operationalizing AI solutions, ensuring they deliver ongoing value. This includes continuous monitoring, optimization, and adaptation to evolving business needs and technological advancements.




With AI 360, Ai Applied empowers your organization to harness the full potential of AI. Our end-to-end approach ensures not just a successful AI adoption but a transformation that drives long-term business value.