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About Us

Who We Are

We live in an exciting time when AI technology is rapidly improving and delivering amazing outcomes. 


We’re a team of scientists, engineers, and more, dedicated to helping organizations leverage artificial intelligence to drive growth, enhance decision-making, and tackle complex challenges safely and responsibly.


Here’s what defines us:


Our Vision: To be at the forefront of AI innovation, making AI accessible, responsible, and transformative for businesses of all sizes and industries.


Our Mission: To empower our clients with cutting-edge AI solutions that drive success, all while upholding the highest ethical standards.

Ankush Seth, Founder


A technology leader with over 20 years of experience in driving business transformations and product development across startups and large enterprises such as Canadian Tire, AT&T, Bell, Clearbridge Mobile and De Lage Landen. Expert in cloud, data, & AI technologies with a proven track record in leading large-scale projects of the likes of Superbowl, Olympics and more. Avid follower of agile principles, and a strong believer of mentoring and empowering teams to bring value to an organization.

Why Choose Ai Applied ?

  • Thought Leadership: Our multidisciplinary team of data scientists, engineers, and industry experts brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Together, we help you plot the path to value realization with AI.


  • Client-Centric Approach: We believe in understanding your unique needs, challenges, and goals, ensuring that every solution we develop is tailor-made for you.


  • Responsible AI: We are committed to ethical AI practices, ensuring your solutions are not just powerful, but also trustworthy and sustainable.


Our Commitment: We are not just a consulting firm; we are your AI partner, committed to your success at every step of your AI journey.