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Love, Dating, and Artificial Intelligence

Love, Dating, and Artificial Intelligence

It’s no question the dating scene has changed over the years from finding your soulmate in a coffee shop to mindless swiping and ghosting. Since the introduction of dating apps like Tinder, finding that “special someone” has become a little, complicated. With everything online these days the trust-problem in the love industry has amplified as online love-scammers and hackers colonize the internet. But thanks to artificial intelligence, these dating apps are becoming more reliable, accurate, and successful. Apps such as Tinder,, Coffee Meets Bagel, and OKCupid have taken advantage of the technological revolution that is AI and are changing the dating scene for the better.


Tinder “Superlikeable”


If you’ve ever used Tinder before, you’ll know of a relatively new feature called a “Superlike”. All users can use one free Superlike per day on someone who is worthy of more than just a “swipe right”. The app is taking another approach to the Superlike and is using AI to do it. First tested in New York City and Los Angeles, and available worldwide as of June 2018, is Tinder’s “Superlikeable”. This new feature presents users with four people you would potentially Superlike based on your interaction history on the app. It takes into account your previous swiping behaviour and suggests similar people based on this information. So far, the new feature has proven to be highly effective on top of the statistic that sending a Superlike increases your chances of matching by three times! – “Your Lifelong AI Love Advisor”


With, “dating apps” are no longer just for single people. This registration, verification, and recommendation application aims to solve various complications in all stages of relationships. For example, their Rel-Registry feature allows users to register themselves, create a profile, and document their relationship status (single, dating, engaged, married etc). The app cross-references your photos with other social media apps to guarantee your identity, eradicating the app of any online love-scammers. can also provide recommendations on anything from relationship advice to gift ideas for your current lover. While most of these apps are populated by single people looking for love, also provides a platform for unmarried couples and married couples, revolutionizing the dating world.


Coffee Meets Bagel – “Changing the World One Bagel at a Time”


This dating app launched in 2012 and ever since then it has been yes, “changing the world one bagel at a time” (as they say), and also taking a different approach to the way dating apps are structured. What they noticed is that each gender dates differently for example, women seemed to be more selective when dating whereas men enjoyed a greater selection. Taking into account these differences, every day the app gives men up to 21 matches they might be interested in and women up to four matches curated based on the men who expressed interest, pertaining to all gender’s styles of dating. These curated matches are creating more meaningful relationships and connections one algorithm at a time.


OKCupid – “Dating Deserves Better”


This revolutionary dating app creates matches based on more than just looks. OKCupid asks users questions that matter, about everything from favourite seasons to favourite foods. The app makes connections based on your answers, matching users on things they have in common, rather than just physical appearance. This “matching on what matters” method is changing the dating scene, eliminating the controversial aspect of judging people solely on their looks.

Gone are the days of controversial and stereotypical dating apps, these apps are revolutionizing the dating world with the utilization of AI. Users are putting their trust in algorithms and blockchain technology in the search to find their soulmate. Aside from just matching you with someone you may be interested in, these apps can help you decide when to meet your match, what to say to them, and how to ask them out, taking the pressure off of navigating the dating world. AI can perform many radical tasks, and we can now add “aid the search for love” to that list.

Jennifer Nooyen