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Process Automation



Ai Applied specializes in enhancing human interactions across an organization’s numerous workflows. From sales to operations, we build cloud and machine learning enabled workflows that help improve internal and external user experiences; for example – customer support workflows via chat bot and multi-channel integration.

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Automated Workflows

Imagine you could arrange a team meeting at work via a simple voice command to a virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa. The assistant based on the context, would invite the required attendees to the meeting, setup a web conference bridge for remote team members, and book a meeting room that has the necessary capacity to accommodate the in-person attendees. We can automate most context driven tasks either through chatbots or voice assistants such as Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. In addition, with the advent of multi-modal experience devices like Echo Show, by building custom skills, we can interlace voice and touch based commands to automate complex interactions previously not possible.


Our approach is to leverage best of breed tools and custom-built software solutions to enable and optimize our clients’ business objectives. In addition, all of our solutions come with AI-enabled analytics. Not sure of the best way or which processes to automate? Contact Us about our Insights Applied service where our consultants will work with your team to enhance existing workflows and fast track operations.


Robotic Process Automation

RPA is a double shift agent.


It works day and night, 24/7, during holidays and weekends.


Each bot works full time plus over-time. It supplements your current workforce by helping them with repetitive tasks, such as emails, forms, calculations, and so on, while your current team focuses on more creative tasks and growing your firm.


And when everyone leaves the office, the Bot can finish any remaining tasks; let’s see Jerry’s example.


Jerry is a bot in a brokerage. During the day, the workforce focuses on reaching out to current clients, answering tricky questions while Jerry takes care of all the paperwork. During the night, everyone leaves, but Jerry is still hard at work.


When new applications show up online, Jerry works with other third parties to gather client’s information, fills up forms, sends forms, does calculations, and creates contracts. Jerry’s team members know that Jerry does an excellent job and trust Jerry to send the contracts while they are away resting.


The next day, they can come in and close any deals, answer the tricky questions, and have a happy client who could reach out to them after hours.


Good Job, Jerry!